Mariani’s been a certainty in the Italian and foreign handle business for more than 45 years, it is a solid and established reality that renews constantly through the accurate design of every product.

What is the secret?

The secret is the commitment of the staff that analyse, evaluate and test every single material with a remarkable effort.

Not only a formal value but a true stylish promise aimed at satisfying the current market demand.

Mariani, artists of taste and style.

There is a proper research project behind every handle and every accessory that makes the materials alive thanks to the analysis of the volumes, the ergonomic research and the precise study of the details.

The handles, escutcheons, knobs, roses and other accessories of the Mariani collection all are original pieces which aesthetic value stands in the merit, in the high quality materials and in their use, aimed at meet the most demanding tastes. The simple and functional design distinguish the Mariani’s company stylistic code.

Every handle, door knocker, letterbox and knob, originate from an accurate process of analysis of needs and the taste of those who have chosen to share with the company the love for beautiful things.


The experience, the high quality materials, the stylish design and the use of the latest technologies allow the development of the handles, pull handles, escutcheons and design knobs, perfect for combining functionality en aesthetics.

Each Mariani collection product, that allows to create high quality products, is a concentrated ensemble of ideas and production quality of the most experienced craftsmanship. A conscious and coherent choice, in line with the principles of the professionals.


Mariani has a great experience acquired over the years and through the collaboration with Italian and foreign designers, is able to offer innovative, functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Through an accurate sales volume and feasibility study and the help of advanced technologies it is possible to ensure excellence and functionality for the important design accessories. On this grounds and thanks to the dedication over the years, the Mariani accessories have the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate quality standards, released by the CVI authority, the certification and behavioral analysis center operating in the field of company services in an international context.

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