The Mariani company produces high quality brass handles, roses, escutcheons, knobs and interior decoration fittings. The Mariani unique style, come to life and it’s expressed through the design key principles. Not only formal values but an actual style warranty to fit the modern taste and functionality needs. There is an actual research project around the making of every handle, aimed at making the materials alive through the analysis of the shapes, the ergonomic research and the accurate study of every detail.

The Mariani collection consists in original pieces which aesthetic value stands in the merit, in the high quality materials and in their use, aimed at meet the most demanding tastes.

The simple and functional design distinguish the Mariani’s company stylistic code and it originates from an accurate process of analysis of needs and the taste of those who have chosen to share with the company the love for beautiful things.

The experience, the high quality materials, the stylish design and the use of the latest technologies allow a combination between functionality en aesthetics.

Each Mariani collection product, that allows to create high quality products, is a concentrated ensemble of ideas and production quality of the most experienced craftsmanship.

A conscious and coherent choice, in line with the principles of the professionals.


In response to the most innovative tastes, the Mariani brass handles represent a combination of linearity and exclusive style, developed through charming and contemporary shapes.

The wide range of Mariani pull handles can satisfy any style request without forgetting the aesthetic and the modern design in order to make any entrance and domestic room unique.

The production of all the accessories happens through the brass bars forging that gives quality and durability to the pull handles.

Original style, precious finishes and a wide choice for costumers, are the main qualities of the Mariani door knobs.

The Mariani interior decoration fittings are refined and essential as all the other items of the company, to fulfill any costumer’s wish.

The letterboxes are available in different high quality finishes, based on the unmistakable Mariani style. The ‘taylor made’ approach allows to develop the best solution for the flush pull plates and for all the costumer’s needs.

Design and functionality: these are the main qualities of the escutcheons that differ in shape and materials, marked by the same quality of all the products. Stylish and quality accessories that really make every space unique.

Door roses are available in a wide range of materials and designs that can satisfy every aesthetic need. The innovative plates collection brings out the Mariani style especially as regards the finishes, they are able to turn every house in a jewel. This plates blend perfectly with every environment of the house since they are characterized by a linear and contemporary style. The Mariani interior decoration fittings are refined and essential like all the other items of the company, to fulfill any costumer’s wish.



In 2009 Mariani won the international Red Dot Design Award, the most important and renowned design contest with more than 11000 participants from 61 countries. Every year, an international jury evaluate the products according to criteria of innovation, functionality and formal quality. The prize is an internationally recognized quality seal and it represent the best of the companies and the designs. Every awarded product is shown at the Red Dot Design Museum of Essen in Germany.


In 2010, Mariani has been nominated by the German Design Council. The German Federal Association has a long and brilliant history, it was founded with the initiative of the federal parliament, in 1953, to meet the companies growing needs of informations about the designing.

Today, it is one of the most important centers as regards the communication and the design sector. It offers new perspectives to the business representatives with its contests, exhibits, conferences, consultations, researches and publications.

Recognized quality

Mariani has a great experience acquired over the years and through the collaboration with Italian and foreign designers, is able to offer innovative, functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Through an accurate sales volume and feasibility study and the help of advanced technologies it is possible to ensure excellence and functionality for the important design accessories. On this grounds and thanks to the dedication over the years, the Mariani accessories have the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate quality standards, released by the CVI authority, the certification and behavioral analysis center operating in the field of company services in an international context.