Mariani for over 45 years

Has been a certainty in the Italian and foreign brass handles business, for more than 45 years, a well-known reality, able to constantly innovate through the accurate design of each product. There is an attention for the searching of modern materials and a special care in the design that allow the making of high quality handles, escutcheons, knobs, roses and other interior decoration fittings.

The Mariani unique style, come to life and it’s expressed through the design key principles. Not only formal values but an actual style warranty to fit the modern taste and functionality needs.

There is an actual research project around the making of every handle, aimed at making the materials alive through the analysis of the shapes, the ergonomic research and the accurate study of every detail.

The handles, escutcheons, knobs, roses and other accessories of the Mariani collection all are original pieces which aesthetic value stands in the merit, in the high quality materials and in their use, aimed at meet the most demanding tastes. The simple and functional design distinguish the Mariani’s company stylistic code. Every handle, door knocker, letterbox and knob, originate from an accurate process of analysis of needs and the taste of those who have chosen to share with the company the love for beautiful things.

Mariani, artists of taste and style.


In response to the most innovative tastes, the Mariani brass handles represent a combination of linearity and exclusive style, developed through charming and contemporary shapes.

All the Mariani accessories are fully customizable and thanks to the high quality materials, all the brass handles provide a long lasting performance.

Pull handles

The wide range of Mariani pull handles can satisfy any style request without forgetting the aesthetic and the modern design in order to make any entrance and domestic room unique.

The production of all the accessories happens through the brass bars forging that gives quality and durability to the pull handles.



Original style, precious finishes and a wide choice for costumers, are the main qualities of the Mariani door knobs.


Enrich your house entrance and your rooms by choosing from a wide range of stylish knobs.

Interior decoration fittings

The Mariani interior decoration fittings are refined and essential like all the other items of the company, to fulfill any costumer’s wish.


A wide selection of brass items that enhance every corner of the house.

Thanks to the customization, Mariani can suit every need, in order to really make every room of the house unique.